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SI audio podcast #3: Andy Beckerman remembers the wild kindness of David Berman

August 18, 2019 10:23
photo: the host + the guest, sometime in 2004 or 2005.
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SI audio podcast #2: Girilal Baars

August 06, 2016 06:46
My pal Girilal stopped by Helsinki last month and we recorded this conversation, which touched on science fiction, improvisation, being an audience member, and lots more. This is also an attempt to keep the SI podcast feed alive with some occasional content, as enough interesting people pass through my life that I should try to share their ideas with a larger audience.
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SI extra: Lin Hixson & Matthew Goulish audio podcast

November 08, 2015 11:57
Those of you who saw Matthew Goulish on my show last week (or on the video here) know how much I admire his writing and approach to art and performance. I wanted to talk further with him (and with Lin Hixson, who didn't come on stage during episode 5) while they were in Helsinki, so we recorded a conversation which is presented here in podcast format. We'll try to put Serious Introspection podcasts up when it makes sense. Among the topics discussed were interruptions, reversing course, limitations, permission, fear, comfort zones, walking across the room 10000 times, respect, skepticism, dogma, generosity, and peripheral consciousness.
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Devo's 'Smart Patrol' covered by me in 1998

October 11, 2015 10:43
I was digging through cassette tapes tonight and found some real gems, which I will digitise as I get around to them. This is a cover of Devo's 'Smart Patrol' that I recorded for a Devo tribute compilation that Scott Beibin was supposedly releasing. I'm not sure if it ever actually was released or if this appeared on it, but I did it in one night on Jesse Trbovich's 4-track. I'm pretty sure this is 1998 and I remember it being an autumn night, but I also think Jesse had moved to Philly by '98 so maybe this was actually done in '97.
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Riga durational dialogues #4 and 5: Love Enqvist and Jonas Büchel

January 31, 2019 09:39
The last two interviews are combined into one file, and unfortunately we were limited by time and couldn't keep going. Love Enqvist is a Stockholm-based artist who was coming to Talinn to lead the Diggers and Dreamers workshop, and was willing to come to Riga a bit early to participate in this project. Our conversation began from his work researching intentional communities, and began with a discussion about utopianism and communities in general before getting into further flung topics. Jonas Büchel was a very pleasant addition to the day's activities - the head of the Urban Institute Riga, he was recommended by the Linnalabor crew back in Tallinn and he proved to be an amazingly insightful and energetic guest who I hope to collaborate with more in the future.
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Riga durational dialogues #3: Mindaugas Gapševičius

January 31, 2019 09:40
I found Miga's interview to be one of the more difficult elements of the day. To be honest, I'm intimidated by his intelligence, and his thoughtful, careful way of speaking should be a lesson to me. I don't know Miga well but he'll be coming to Ptarmigan Tallinn in January and February 2013 on residency, where we'll be working together on our (Il)legal Aesthetics programme. This conversation was actually pretty wild - we got into the future of humanity, culture and technology, feelings of inspiration, searching for epiphanies, and other big questions. Again, apologies for the recording quality -- though generally Carlos did a great job - it was just a noisy room and I decided not to wear a close mic myself, so this is really my fault.
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Riga durational dialogues #2: Maija Rudovska

January 31, 2019 09:38
This was maybe my favourite conversation of the programme, as I felt Maija and I started to tap into something personal, universal, and honest. Unfortunately the fidelity takes a hit as the crowd became a bit busier and the background noise makes this a bit difficult to hear.
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Riga durational dialogues #1: Introduction and Lars Cuzner

January 31, 2019 09:38
I belong to a new group of curators and artists called Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), and we recently held our first event, Curators Go to the Bar, at the KIM? contemporary art space in Riga, Latvia.
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A new (small) project/toy

January 19, 2012 22:53
My first visit to Estonia today (a cheap €10 return day ferry) was also my first visit to any former Soviet state; we decided to forego any sort of touristy things in favor of just walking around and hitting some charity shops on the periphery of the center. Proper photos of the city and its sights can come later; I'm just excited about the stereo amplifier I found and painfully dragged back with me.
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